Saturday, October 07, 2006

Cure Sing for Cartoons

I haven't watched Saturday morning cartoons in my living room in a while, as Amanda has a tv in her room. So I'm sitting here this morning, then suddenly I hear Robert Smith singing, and I think the cat must've stepped on the remote. Nope, apparently the Cure performs the theme song for a morning cartoon on Cartoon Network called, "The Dragon Hunters"! That's kinda wild, kinda cool.

I watched "The Lake House" last night. While a bit slow and illogical at times, I still liked it because I love Keanu and Sandra, they have great chemistry. And poor Keanu has had such a rough romantic life (his baby died, and later his (then ex) girlfriend was killed in a car crash) , I wish the guy some kind of happiness. I'm now curious to read Jane Austen's "Persuasion."

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Dexter, GG and ITALY

I am the TV whore this week.

Dexter-loved the humor mixed with the dark side to this character. It seems that all the other characters on the show pale in comparison though-hopefully time will balance this out. I can't wait til next week's episode! And did anyone see the trailer about the new series on Henry VIII, "The Tudors," with Jonathan Rhys Myers? Christ he is beautiful, lookin good with facial hair, too.

GG-Off to a good start. Painful, but in a good way-Amanda and I cringed at Lorelai's admission of sleeping with Christopher, but at least all the cards are on the table. Amanda wants her with Luke in the worst way...I'm not quite sure what my stance is...the trailer with Luke saying "Hey, I'm over it, after all, you're the one who asked me to marry you" was a bit of a "Yeouch!" Unfortunately, I don't think Jess will be getting back into Rory's life-first of all, they broke up in real life, and secondly, "Jess"
is now earning his wings on the new show, "Heroes," about ordinary people learning that they have special powers.

My random guilty pleasure of late is VH1's The Alternative show from 11-2 am on channel 136. All vintage videos! Good stuff.

Friday we purchased tickets for the three of us to go to Italy for one week in early November, where we will be staying with the Cockings at Rossana's parents' home in Follonica, which is on the northwest coast. We are so stoked, but I am anxious to do a rush job to renew Ian and Amanda's passports. Plus Ian lost his old one, which had expired, so he ordered online his birth certificate through the Dep't of Health, should be here any day now. FYI, the Times had an article today stating that come January, you will need a passport to go to the Caribbean, and by next January, to go to Canada as well.