Friday, August 12, 2005

Married Eighty One Years!

I saw this wire piece today about a French couple married 81 years and I was inspired. They sound like they've got the right ideas. A toast to the institution of marriage and true love!

Monday, August 08, 2005


It has now been a week since our family began jogging 1 mile a day. The impetus for this is to whip our daughter into shape for basketball season (as well as ourselves.) My husband missed part of last week because he broke one of his toes, but I tell you, I am in awe of people who can run 26 miles in a marathon, nonstop! Wow. I can make it through the mile alright, actually, as long as I go slowly, but it's not easy. I do feel good afterwards, though (after I get into the air conditioning, that is!)

Green Is the Way for Me

After watching Nate's burial on Six Feet Under, I have finally figured out what kind of funeral I want-a green one. I don't want to be embalmed, don't need a casket, just want to return as I came-as dust, in the natural order of time. Depending on my condition when the time comes, I'd also like to donate my organs. Ian agrees as well. The thought of putting it in writing makes me a little fearful, though.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Crazy to be Normal on Six Feet Under

My husband frantically calls me into the living room to point to Nate Fisher's epitaph on my television screen and I was so pissed-he didn't realize I hadn't seen this week's episode of Six Feet Under yet, which I had then we sat and watched it together.

This season has just seemed really sour to me...with all of the characters on a mission to make their lives more 'normal', they just seemed to have gone off the deep end. Nate and Brenda were passionate and hot when they were crazy and unattached in the first season...Dave was fun to watch when he was wrestling with his sexuality while cruising a club for action and starring in musicals in his head, Ruth was more appealing when she was still grieving for her dead husband, and as for Claire...well I have to say I do like the new boyfriend and that she left that pretentious art college crowd.

I had secretly been hoping that Nate and Brenda would finally be 'happy' together. Earlier this season, Nate seemed like he was finally getting his shit together and wasn't going to screw around, but then he had to go shag his step sister. As Nate put it, "When you make love and your head explodes, it's a good thing."