Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday Afternoon

Ian and I went to see Dan in Real Life on Saturday, and it was such a hilarious pleasure, at the same time sad. I love Steve Carell and the career he has carved for himself. Some critics had issues with the 'perfectness' of the family-Ian and I were grateful that (for once) the family portrayed was-functional! The cast is excellent-my lovely dream alter ego, Juliette Binoche,whom I have admired for years, as his love interest; Emily Blunt in a small but sexy, hilarious cameo; Dane Cook, as Dan's younger brother; and Dianne Wiest and John Mahoney as Dan's parents.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Crunch Time

Tonight Amanda, her bffl Nora, her mom and I went to an Open House at Brooklyn Tech (this year will mark my 20th anniversary) and didn't get back until after 1030pm or so. It was as great as I'd remembered, except that many of the old teachers were retired now, but the spirit was still apparent in all the students. The school now offers some new majors, too, like law and medicine. We've also been to Molloy and St. Francis Prep. She has the specialized hs exam this Saturday and her TACHS exam Nov. 10. Basketball practice tomorrow and a game on Sunday. I'm wiped!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Empty Spaces

So, Monday I decided to take a day to clear my head, walking for hours from the 20s down to SoHo, and back up again, it was a sunny day and I felt like walking. In my travels I noted that not 1 but three of my haunts are now gone, no mas:

Tower Records (this may have disappeared earlier, but I'd forgotten)
Dallas Texas BBQon 8th Street and Fifth Avenue-this wrecked me the most-i know it's silly-it's a bbq joint-but I have SO many memories in that place-ate there my first day at my first job at Postermat when I was 16 (well actually I took it to go and ate it in Washington Square Park); clung to the toilet once after too many champagne glasses at a nearby art show during my early college days; Ian suffering from an attack of sun poisoning in the basement, slapping cream on his itching back, as Marc and I then rushed him over to St. Vincent's Hospital...countless meals there with my mom, sometimes also with my grandmother...dinner with Ian's cousin after catching her in a show at the Papp Theatre, to a recent dinner with Chris and Lauren on their first meeting with Dan and Marty from WOW...
and Tennessee Mountain-the least important on the list, used to frequent there during my Union days...once had lunch alongside David Krumholtz (Numbers).

At work yesterday, I called home to check messages and heard a message I'd been expecting for some time but was saddened to hear-my childhood best friend's father passed away the day before, after a nasty fight with intestinal cancer. He'd had surgery several years earlier, but it returned with a fatal vengence. I was happy to visit him a few weeks back, made him laugh, as we recalled some silly stories of yore, once he took my friend and I to Atlantic City for her 21st birthday in a stretch limo. I remember him cooking curry in the house as a child. Until the next life, Victor, you are loved and missed...the other odd little detail in this is that his passing is one day after my father's, Oct. 14, making it five years. I love and miss you, daddy.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

New Radiohead Tracks On Oct. 10

Can't wait! I'm curious to see what this experiment holds, this could revolutionize the whole music industry...I love 'em.,8599,1666973,00.html

My blog look du jour

This is my look of the moment, I have to see how long I'll keep it. I love the colors and the pic...Ian helped me with this. Strangely though, I do not have the guts to write Media Whore on top of a photo of Paris, that I love (even though we had a really cool font chosen). So, I have to see if I'll change the name of the blog to say something else, change the picture, even though I love Paris, or maybe leave as is, with no Media Whore on it.

Did anyone go over to TMZ or on Superficial to see Danny Bonaduce throw Johnny Fairplay (a Survivor runner up) literally over his head...I mean the guy had it coming, don't get me wrong, but it makes for interesting entertainment...I think his front teeth got knocked out.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Pushing Daisies

I was excited to hear that this show is from the same person who did Dead Like Me (Amanda's favorite show) and Heroes, Bryan Fuller (apparently he did stuff back in the day too for Deep Space Nine, probably my favorite of the Star Trek shows.) Stylistically, it takes liberal doses from one of my favorite movies, Amelie, so I sure don't have a problem with that. I loved in the pilot how two of the main characters, who could not touch each other, held their own hands behind their backs, pretending to hold the other's. I thought is was very funny and romantic.