Monday, August 28, 2006

Glutton for Punishment

I've begun a new book, "A Mighty Heart," written by Mariane Pearl about her husband, Wall Street Journal's Danny Pearl, who was beheaded by Al Qaeda. I'm certain to be in for heartbreak, as she speaks so glowingly of the time just before his capture, she newly pregnant and they are in the throes of their passion and work. He sounds like a very bright, funny, sexy guy.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Culture Club is a Blast

For once, our daughter slept over at someone else's house instead of always having the sleepovers at our place, so Ian and I went out for dinner in Union Square and then boogied at Culture Club, which was everything I hoped. Admittedly I was little skeptical when we first arrived early (10:30 or so) and the place didn't have many people, but within the hour it was packed and every tune was perfect! We never left the dance floor, except when nature called. They played many 12" versions of songs I hadn't heard in a while, while videos of Blondie, Bananarama and more played on the video screens. Everywhere there were murals of Madonna, Billy Idol, the "Rio" cover, Joan Jett, John Hughes flicks. Everyone was happy as can be, and Ian loved the 'smoke' filled room. He even dared to put on a touch of eyeliner! Definitely one of the best nights out in a while.
ONe thing though-if you go, make sure you grab an ad in Time Out, as I did, or else they'll try to hit you up for a $20 cover fee! I whipped out my magazine and in the end we went in for free.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Oy, the summer has come and gone. I would've blogged sooner, but I forgot my Blogger password!

I flew my mom up for a visit, and that was nice, I miss her. I wish I had a zillion dollars to fix her and us all up right. Amanda's doing great in her summer basketball league/still keen on the doctor/WNBA bball dream. Last weekend she got me in a weak moment and we painted her room. Finally done! Blue w/dark blue trim, and Ian did an amazing freehand pattern around the room. It is an oasis. She is slowly beginning to appreciate eyeliner and loves "Donnie Darko" (and its cool 80s soundtrack), "Saved!" and "Uncle Buck" (a movie I loathed when it came out, but now I love it.) Oh yeah, Amanda and her cousins, who recently moved from California, took her to the Warped Tour, where she got to see a band she likes, Gym Class Heroes. Apparently she got a little tired there and had to sit down at one point, but had fun. (Too bad she missed Joan Jett, who I would've loved to see-she was on another stage). Jett looks fantastic at 50!

Went to a wedding in the Hamptons at a winery with guests that looked like something out of an American Eagle ad. The vibe was kind of hippy (the maid of honor was a dog) and the reception was in a big airy barn-lots of sunflowers.

I've mostly been frying my eyes late at night on the computer for my newspaper gig, going to get my eyes checked tomorrow. I will probably need to get glasses. No vanity issues here. I love wearing sunglasses now!

Sept. 11 is approaching, and my old college buddy Christina's family has gotten a bunch of recent press. The parents wrote an editorial in last Sunday's Daily News-they only found out in the recent release of 911 tapes that her brother Christian Regenhard's company was dispatched to the South Tower. A single fact uttered five years later! I remember that memorial like yesterday, Amanda came with us. I saw his sister earlier this summer, it is hard for her to accept the idea that Christian isn't around anymore, I can't imagine what that must be like. They're even naming a class after him at John Jay College, Regenhard Center for Emergency Response Studies. Hillary Clinton is helping to get funds together for it. My father in law has been asking about going to see the new Oliver Stone flick, but I don't know.