Thursday, December 22, 2005

"Groundhog Day" Wisdom

"Maybe God isn't omnipotent. Maybe he's just been around so long he knows everything."
-Phil Conners in "Groundhog Day."

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Feelin' the Holiday Spirit

Last night I, along with dozens of helpful parents, successfully hosted my daughter's school's Pizza w/Santa night, where my brother in law turns on the charm for tons of children as Santa each year (Ian helped keep Santa's quarters secure-at one point, I thought he was violating Santa behind the stage!) More than 300 people turned out, and the lines to see Santa were endless! One little girl asked him for her two front teeth! I was a nervous wreck before, but it all turned out fantastic. We also collected a bunch of toys for Safe Space, an organization that works with families in crisis, to help spread a little cheer for those less fortunate, that will be delivered next week.

Tonight we bought our fragrant tree and decorated it while crankin' the holiday tunes, and I'm feeling pretty good about life. I haven't gotten all my holiday stuff done yet, but you know, I'll find the time. My daughter wanted to watch Frosty the Snowman, but call me a mush, I can never handle it when he melts. I think we'll do a late night viewing of Groundhog Day instead. I never tire of watching that movie, ever.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

S--- Before You Shop

I mistakenly thought it would be a good idea to try to do a little shopping on Wednesday, and actually hit the ---yikes---mall. At first, I thought it wasn't so bad, until I thought I'd make a pit stop at the bathroom, where the line was from here to heaven. An old fart hitting the guy's room said, "It's a good day to be a man," to chuckles. And when he came out, and saw the ever growing queue for the women's room, shook his head and sighed.

I could in no way shape or form enjoy shopping at the mall...everyone was like a bunch of vultures. I think for the most part I will be shopping online for the rest of what I need...and most definitely avoiding-the mall.

Sunday, December 04, 2005


"I for one do not dance to dance music; disco for me is a lofty metaphysical mode that induces contemplation." -Camille Paglia, in an article about Madonna on

Sorry Camille, but you're 'contemplating' too much here. When I go to a club or hear disco, I dance, feel the music, enjoy it, and the moment.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Sheridan Fest 2005

I'm resting now for the evening, as I prepare for tomorrow's annual potluck feast at my place, which will include somewhere between 35-40 people, including children. I'm really looking forward to having everyone here, even though I'm sure that the day will be all of a blur for me. Now I'm unwinding by watching "What Not To Wear."

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Dark Chocolate Graham Crackers

I'm not a diehard Starbucks person, but the one thing they have that is delicious is their dark-chocolate covered graham crackers. OOOh boy, are they heavenly!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Time Is Blowin' On By

These past couple of weeks have been like wolfing down a gourmet meal. This fall flew by so fast, I've hardly had the time to enjoy it. The foliage is already starting to dry up and fall off the trees. It's the middle of November! I had a great day with Amanda in Soho last week, though, won't forget that.

One other great thing happened-the landlord got us a new new stove and fridge,thank the Lord! Needed 'em real bad.

One of my pt jobs is up this week, back to hustling freelance, have to turn around some stuff for the Daily News in a few days' time, but I'll get it done. Hope to still help with organizing the school's Christmas party, the kiddies love it!

Just downloaded the new Madonna cd off iTunes, you get the video and digital artwork. love it. Photoshop admittedly makes Madonna look pretty smokin, b----! Great dance tunes, pretty solid all the way through. Love "Jump," "How High," "Let It Will Be," "Hung Up," natch...the "I Love NY" song is kind of cheesy...the album's music makes me think about roller skating and dancing.

GG chat -So, Luke scared me a little with that jealousy streak-I've never seen that before! It seems so unlike him... I think it's kind of cool that he has a really bright daughter, just, what a hell of a way to find out! Loved the scene with Emily and Lorelai on the plane-Kelly Bishop is fantastic. The Rory and Lorelai scene was nice, but seemed eclipsed by all the other stuff going on in the episode, but, yay, she's going back to Yale!

I think I'm going to make myself a "Faux Poes Foes" tshirt online.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Drunk Moose Attack Elderly Home

Have a read on the 1010 WINS site "You Can't Make this Stuff Up" section about a moose and its calf getting drunk from eating apples outside an elderly home in southern Sweden, I can only imagine the view.

Random 1

Has anyone been watching this new show on the A&E channel? There's only been two so far, but it's definitely caught my interest. There are two friends on the road that try to help random people-money is not given, anything given must be donated. On the first episode, they managed to get a guy a $20k prosthetic leg, which I thought was pretty great. I like the show's premise and its unpredictability.

&*!@#$% Damn DVR!

I had dvr'd GG because my daughter had basketball practice last night, and my dvr cut off just as the teaser for next week's episode began! Time Warner, you've mastered digital polling, but can you not extend the playing time of a show to allocate for teasers? Aaargh.

Hated the first half of GG last night, loved the second. Who gives a flying .... what color Lorelai paints the house? I mean really. I realize she's burying herself in busy tasks and avoiding the real issues at hand, and questioned her own abilities as a mother, which I well, question too. I guess all moms do that. Call me horrible, but I could really give 2 cents about Paul Anka. Yes, pets are sweet, they are not PEOPLE. Never will be.

The scenes with Rory and Jess were great-refreshing, honest, the best part of the show. I was so proud of him that he wrote and published a book! You can tell they've got great chemistry, hence their real-life long-term relationship. Even Rory's scenes with Logan, while I abhored his conduct, the acting was good.

It's all got me thinking about how I'd handle the possibility of if Amanda wanted to take time off in college? Right now, I know Ian and I would seriously put our foot down about it and urge her to stay on track..but at that point, she'd be an adult...Ian left college to raise Amanda...sigh. It's hard to think about it all.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

I swear she said this

"I wanna be fluorescent in French."
-My daughter while she and I rode the train into Manhattan today.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Love Letter To My Heart

-By Linda Sheridan

You sit so close now,
Practically head to head with me
I’m in awe of you
Your beauty, your spirit, your wit.
These days are going so fast.
I want to make lists, make plans
And yet just sit here, with you,
To smell your baby-like breath
And remain frozen in time.
How I dreamed of this moment years ago,
Now dreaming of you-years ago.
Can’t decide which is better,
Because they’re both sacred times to me.
I love how you gulp my coffee
And think the songs ‘Cars’ is cool.
I love how you breeze across the court and shoot baskets
And your gut-wrenching belly laughs are infectious.
Dear heart, I love you so.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Gotta Get It

Has anyone been watching I Love the Eighties 3D? There's been adds for a Name That Tune 80s Edition DVD game. I have to get it!


I took a nice swan dive in Barnes & Noble yesterday, going to meet Amanda after work on a rainy day, with new shoes on. Didn't bother me so much then other than embarrassment, but I think I've sprained my ankle, bruised and swollen today. Goin' to doc to check it out. Forced me to slow down a bit, so not such a terrible thing. Guess no breakdancin for me on Sat night! Oh well, pass the vino.

So, GG chat, anyone?

I will post some stuff on our Domestic Goddesses site, but NOTHING is health-oriented, or really original per se, but some of it is tasty! I constantly seek out recipes in mags and online, and I worship butter, sugar, veggie oil, and wine in my cooking (granted, not all in the same recipe!). I figure, no one is getting off the planet alive, so, f--- it!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Waitin' to hear 'Hung Up'

I have to admit, that Motorola ad has seduced me with that snippet of Madonna's new song, "Hung Up," a disco-ish tune with a generous sampling of Abba's "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme," that sounds hot! I've had a love it-or-hate it relationship with Madonna's music, but this (from what little I've heard) sounds infectious! I think it's out tomorrow (Oct. 17.) Can't wait!
Update: You can hear the song in its entirety on her web site, There's a button right on the home page, just hit 'play' icon.

Where Fashion Meets Functional Idiot

I was watching NY1 the other day and they were at some tech convention going on at Javits. After showing this 'n that, the reporter then displays some new purses. Now granted, I LOVE bags, but these had a clear window panel in the bag where owners can display their $300 iPods for all to see! "This is where fashion meets function," said some lame brained idiot. At least the L.A.M.B. collection from Gwen Stefani has a discreet little pocket inside her bag for the iPod. C'mon people, get a clue!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Buried Treasure

Today, while walking my dog, I saw something shiny in the dirt. Bent down to pick it up, and it was a dragonfly broach! Kinda pretty, brought it home and cleaned it up. A nice touch to a rainy day.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

2005 Fall Fashions

I have to say, this year's fall fashions are the prettiest I've seen in at least a decade. I love the rich, jewel hues, the patterns, the velvety jackets and wool skirts, the bags. Fashion is fun again!

Cooking Classes

I really enjoy cooking/baking when I'm not in a rush. When I nail it, I (and Ian and Amanda)are happy campers. At some point, maybe we (you know who you all are) could take a cooking class at the Culinary Institute. Any interest?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

This is TV Foreplay at its cruelest!

They are really working me overtime with GG! I came ever close with satisfaction this week, when I saw the look on Richard's face realizing his granddaughter had been 'crushed' by Huntzberger's treatment of her, and realized he's been going about this situation the wrong way. Rory belongs at Yale!!! At least Emily scathingly ratted out Mrs. Huntzberger and called her a two-bit goldigger (I can't believe she used the word 'banged' in such context!)

And how about Luke sitting all alone in the woods 'camping', when he wanted to be with Lorelai at the recital all along?? I could've died.

Can we all please get along? Let there be forgiveness, Friday night dinners with the Gilmore seniors, and coffee and cracks with the GG girls at Luke's Diner once more!

One question-what is the 'secret' they're talking about in the trailer? There's definitely some dark secret on Logan (as he's always been on the outs with his dad.) Maybe he's illegitimate? Or maybe his dad's paying of Yale to let his son go there?

One more question-should we take bets on if and when Lane is ever going to get horizontal?

That Burger King Campaign is Friggin' Weird!

The agency that's handling the Burger King ad campaign must be smoking crack, because a giant, plastic Burger King staring me in the face atop a high beam, while shaking me (ok the innocent guy) no less, is NOT amusing! It's downright scary! A giant, plastic Burger King popping up ANYWHERE is scary! Not cool! Not making me want to buy a burger. What happened to the friendly cartoon king of the old days?

Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Power of Baking

Ah, nothing like a leisurely Sunday and the smell of a freshly-baked apple pie in your kitchen. Even better, eating a warm slice of apple pie with a dollup of vanilla ice cream on top!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Lorelai on GG is an Idiot!

I mean it when I say that I want more than anything for Rory and Lorelai to make up on Gilmore Girls. Having to endure the past few weeks watching the show without them being in contact with each other at all has been hard and unpleasant. I was hopeful watching the show tonight, seeing Lorelai longing to watch a favorite show with just her daughter, and the look that she gave as Rory approached the church for Sookie's kiddies' baptism was priceless.
Then the show went downhill!
Lorelai, in an unbelievably low selfish act, decided that while she and Rory are cradling the babies at the altar (as part of their godparenting duties), as the minister prepares to baptize the children, that now's as good as time as any to escort Rory outside and scold her for giving Sookie her new cell phone number and not her mother. What the hell is this? Are you five? In the middle of your best friends' children's day, your making a personal matter a priority? You couldn't wait until after the service at least!
Aaargh! Everytime I think Lorelai is taking a step forward she takes two steps back with this infantile behavior. I know she's a young mom and all, but by now, she's like 37, so wise up, woman! Those damn tv writers piss me off!

Monday, October 03, 2005

The First Time We Met

This is a poem written by my daughter for a school contest. I thought it was pretty amazing. She is eleven years old.

The First Time We Met
By Amanda Sheridan

The first time we met,
the time I will never forget,
because being with you is all I need,
in my thoughts and in my dreams.
The first time we met,
I knew I was in love,
that very second I just knew,
that if you were to know me,
we would be in true love,
not the kind you see on tv,
or what you hear on the radio,
but true love is what I mean.
The first time we met,
the time I will never forget,
because if I die before you,
you will always know,
that I will be waiting for you.
So never forget,
that I LOVE you!
That will always be true!
From the first time we met.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Quick take on last month

The past month has been a bit hellish-we found out recently that two of our close friends each lost a parent. Then two other friends are getting divorces!
As for me, I've taken a second part time job at a doctor's office, strictly for need of cash and its convenient location. Not thrilled about the deviation from my writing career at this point, but hell, the NY Times just laid off 500 people, so I guess this is just a tough time for writers. All of the advertising business is switching from print to online, leaving papers struggling. About the only publication that comes to mind that is flourishing is Real Simple magazine, which I love. Every month, I swear that magazine gets fatter n fatter with ad revenue!
Been dealing with my daughter now in 6th grade, giving her a little more freedom to move about, thanks to the wonders of a cell phone, but still trying to keep close watch, as this is a precious time. Grades go on transcripts for high school now. Basketball is back on, games start next month, so I'm excited. She is a treasure, a pisser and a pain in my butt all at once, and I love her madly. I'm so blessed that she's mine.
In my spare time, been enjoying the pleasures of Acquisition, and checking out the new tv season's lineup-House, Lost, and Gilmore Girls. But I can't even enjoy Lorelai and Luke's engagement, what with the massive row going on between Lorelai and Rory. It's strange how a television show can affect your mood. But Luke sure looks fine!
And this past weekend, my husband and I went to see the White Stripes, which I blogged about below. Jack is an amazing guitarist (and easy on my eyes.)

White Stripes Live-A great night

On Saturday my husband and I went to see the White Stripes at Keyspan Park in Coney Island. It was a beautiful evening outdoors and we had a few brewskies in preparation. Granted, I hadn't been to a concert in three years (Coldplay, 10th row!), so I was excited for anything.

Jack White's guitar playing blew me away. He's AMAZING!!! And the chemistry with Meg on drums is palpable, they seem to have a great relationship, she sang a little, too. While I'm a fan of their music, the albums pale in comparison to their live performance. See them live, you won't be sorry!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Out of the mouthes of babes

"I owe my ass an apology."
-My daughter's classmate Richie, after attending a roller-skating birthday party.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Married Eighty One Years!

I saw this wire piece today about a French couple married 81 years and I was inspired. They sound like they've got the right ideas. A toast to the institution of marriage and true love!

Monday, August 08, 2005


It has now been a week since our family began jogging 1 mile a day. The impetus for this is to whip our daughter into shape for basketball season (as well as ourselves.) My husband missed part of last week because he broke one of his toes, but I tell you, I am in awe of people who can run 26 miles in a marathon, nonstop! Wow. I can make it through the mile alright, actually, as long as I go slowly, but it's not easy. I do feel good afterwards, though (after I get into the air conditioning, that is!)

Green Is the Way for Me

After watching Nate's burial on Six Feet Under, I have finally figured out what kind of funeral I want-a green one. I don't want to be embalmed, don't need a casket, just want to return as I came-as dust, in the natural order of time. Depending on my condition when the time comes, I'd also like to donate my organs. Ian agrees as well. The thought of putting it in writing makes me a little fearful, though.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Crazy to be Normal on Six Feet Under

My husband frantically calls me into the living room to point to Nate Fisher's epitaph on my television screen and I was so pissed-he didn't realize I hadn't seen this week's episode of Six Feet Under yet, which I had then we sat and watched it together.

This season has just seemed really sour to me...with all of the characters on a mission to make their lives more 'normal', they just seemed to have gone off the deep end. Nate and Brenda were passionate and hot when they were crazy and unattached in the first season...Dave was fun to watch when he was wrestling with his sexuality while cruising a club for action and starring in musicals in his head, Ruth was more appealing when she was still grieving for her dead husband, and as for Claire...well I have to say I do like the new boyfriend and that she left that pretentious art college crowd.

I had secretly been hoping that Nate and Brenda would finally be 'happy' together. Earlier this season, Nate seemed like he was finally getting his shit together and wasn't going to screw around, but then he had to go shag his step sister. As Nate put it, "When you make love and your head explodes, it's a good thing."

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I'm a Warcraft Widow

Yes, I confess, I am a Warcraft widow (though my husband fiercely denies this.) Not a bitter one, as is the case for some of the folks at the Yahoo group that has formed. In fact, after going to see the group page tonight, it has now evolved into a full-fledged web site, Instead I will just quietly unwind here. I have several other friends that are also WOW widows.
My husband and I have been married nearly 12 years and have a beautiful 11 year old daughter. When he's not playing, we've been known to have fun, enjoy our family, friends, the nightlife, and travel. But these days, those times seem far and few in between, partly because the money's tight, and partly because of WOW. He LOOVES Warcraft, and loves to randomly swear at his computer screen when things don't go as planned. His site is, if you would like to learn more about his guild, Dasypygal (which means hairy-assed in old English, if you must know), or about the Flexbar tools he's created to help players customize their interface.

Hot as Hades, Broke, and Frozen In My Thoughts

Tonight, in New York, I sat in my living room drowning in sweat, as I cannot use my AC there, or else it flips our fusebox. The temperatures have hovered near 100 degrees for the past several days.
My thoughts are flying in so many directions-to write, to travel, to do something new. That said, my financial situation has not been the best of late, being a struggling writer and all, and thus I'm frozen in my thoughts. Family has helped out tremendously in this department, but how I wish to return to the days of complete financial independence, as I was accustomed to la dolce vita back in 2002. Gone are the days of shopping in Soho. Now it's back to a diet of Raman noodles, mac 'n cheese, and burritos. Where's my J.K. Rowling inspiration for fortune?

Monday, July 04, 2005

What is it for?

What is that little piece of tissue paper in wedding invitations for, anyway? It's just one of those little questions of everyday life I ponder...

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Vernon Duke's thoughts of Paris Ring True

I was recently reading an essay by Art Buchwald, who spoke with Vernon Duke, the composer of the song "April In Paris," and how he tried to describe Paris to E. Y. Harburg, the lyricist.

In the essay, Harburg asks Duke 'what's the feeling during April in Paris?' Duke says, "I always had the feeling that in Paris in the spring, something wonderful should inevitably happen, but it never did," which helped Harburg with the lyric:

April in Paris

Who can I turn to?

What have you done to my heart?

My husband and I formally began our efforts to conceive a second child when we went to Paris, with our eight year old daughter. I was ovulating, we were in love with life and Paris, and I was certain that the timing would be perfect. Financially, we were finally at a good station in our lives. Shortly after, we took a half year break when I accepted a new position. But alas, three years later, we still have not succeeded in getting pregnant. I hope we do soon. My body aches to have another child.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Blue Lights

Blue lights on the rooftops
endless windows of street shops
glistening sidewalks filled with feet
cars doubleparked in the street
summer is here
it's the end of the day
it's just beginning
I hope the blue lights will stay.
-By Linda Sheridan

Gus Van Sant

I met director Gus van Sant recently, to participate in a roundtable session for his new film, "Last Days", a film based on a fictitious character loosely based on Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, that focuses on the final days of his life. The film stars Michael Pitt, who starred in Bernardo Bertolucci's "The Dreamers" (he was at the roundtable as well.)

While I am a fan of some of van Sant's earlier works, ("My Own Private Idaho," "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues," "Drugstore Cowboy,"), I can't say this new film is great. The camera lingers for painful lengths of time to watch the main character, Blake, stumble and mumble through the woods behind his crumbling mansion, swim, make mac 'n cheese, and avoid those looking for him. There are some interesting visual and sound cues, but it's just not enough to make me care about this character...(to be honest, I felt sorry for Courtney when he died, but I had no personal grievances about what he'd done, I felt it was extremely selfish.)

The link to where my review is at the right, at Run by my brother-in-law Michael, writing reviews and doing Q&As has given me the opportunity to interview some great actors including Javier Bardem ("The Sea Inside"), Daniel Day Lewis, Rebecca Miller and Catherine Keener ("The Ballad of Jack and Rose.")

TomKat-Triple Threat

I guess I need to get a life, because here I am writing about these two again. I feel their relationship is impacted by three factors-Scientology, Tom's midlife crisis, and yes, perhaps, a little bit of being in love. The media seems to forget how anyone, in the first flushes of a new romance, acts goofy, needs to be near their beloved every second of the day, and drools on their every word. I've been there. That said, it did seem a little frightening that immediately following Cruise's proposal atop the Eiffel Tower (I'm a francophile, and I've been to the top of the Eiffel Tower, and the view is very beautiful and romantic, so I'll give him props for that), they held a press conference to announce their engagement! That's kind of scary.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Manhattan's Faux Suburbia-The Upper East Side

After leaving the cinema the other night, my friend and I thought we'd grab a cup of coffee and dessert. It was about 10 p.m. at night, and as we walked along the Upper East Side of Manhattan, I was blown away that, considering we live in "the city that never sleeps," everything was CLOSED, save for a couple of bistros. About the only place that was open was Serendipity. On a lark, we went inside, thinking we could get a table and some hot chocolate (it was a Monday night.) "There's an hour and a half wait," said the maitre'd. Hell with that, we said. Guess anyone else craving dessert went there, too.

We meandered around the city, now to find on the block next to Bloomingdale's a Home Depot with a fancy facade. Home Depot??? When I can see a few avenues down the Plaza Hotel? It was too bizarre.

After traipsing around some more, and having no luck finding an open place for dessert, we spotted a couple with ice cream cones and salivated. "Where did you get the ice cream cones?" we asked. "There's a Mr. Softee truck parked on Lex," the woman said. Mr. Softee!! on the Upper East Side. Works for us.

We grinned and fled to Lex to grab a couple Vanilla cones that cooled our palette and satisfied our quest.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Cruisin' into Midlife Crisis

I'm so sick of hearing about Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, and their "bizarre" romantic behavior in the media. Is it to plug their new films? Perhaps. Does it have to do with Scientology? Don't know. What I do think, is that Cruise seems to have a case of midlife crisis! Courting a young woman who was smitten with him as her teen idol, this guy is all about soaking up the adulation. I wonder what his poor kids are thinking when daddy is acting like a lovesick fool on tv. It's nice to see your parents be romantic, but Katie's not their mom, not to mention she's only about 15 years older than they are.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Four o'clock pit stop

It's taking some used to handling this blog, but I'll get it.

So much to discuss...

Recently, there's been two books published about women who have severed friendships, and how this impacts their lives, in many cases, it's been agonizing.

I've been dealing with this on a personal level myself, and I hate to say it, but I don't feel so traumatized by the experience...I haven't dared to ask the friend who I have distanced myself from, but I've a feeling she's alright. We were inseparable in high school and college, but once I married, we began to drift apart. We tried to keep it going for some time afterwards, but we've gone in completely in different directions, myself a wife, mother and writer/editor that has a busy schedule, and she a budding thespian. I'm very proud of her work and talent, but I've found that despite my numerous attempts to see her perform, the conversations after the show would still revolve around only theatre and not much more. Calls are nonexistent at this point, and emails far and few between. I don't feel bad about it, I just don't...feel.

Music, some new releases on the horizon, White Stripes and Coldplay next week. We'll have input then! I'm missing Jeff Buckley too, his anniversary was on May 29 (1997). What a lovely and promising voice.

Movies-Read the book "Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants," then saw the film with my daughter. Quite good, but not the same as the book, alas. Excellent performances by America Ferrera. Will discuss it more at length down the line.

Television-I'm seriously addicted to "Gilmore Girls," as much as I was as a child to "Little House on the Prairie." I had zilch interest in the show when it first aired, finding the mother a bit too 'buddy' like with her daughter, and sometimes she still irritates me, but she seems better. And I love Rory, and Luke is one of the sweetest male characters on television.

Other hot shows on tv now-"Lost" and "House". Love them both. But now I have to wait till next September for new shows!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Welcome to Coffeendanish!

Hello world. After waiting forever to convert my old blog to a new format (unfortunately, it no longer exists-domain name expired and someone else snagged it), I have started this.

Much has happened in recent months that I want to share with you. More to come soon.

Remember, life's too short for bad coffee!