Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another Lil Milestone

So today Amanda had her first full on attempt at babysitting Grace and Danny, for about four hours while Rose and I went to see Lauren and Charlie. We had done a dry run at our place last week, and that went pretty well. I was so good-I never called! Well once, just to say we were on our way back. I almost kidnapped Charlie and WOW, does he have neck strength for a two week old, holy smoke! He is absolutely precious, and Lauren has her mommy mojo down pat. Way to go, Chris and Lauren!

And way to go, Amanda! Mom's proud.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Everything in Its Right Place on 8/8/08

I haven't written here in WAY too long, not that there haven't been things to write about, but just been hectic and tense sometimes. Amanda is growing up, becoming a young lady and entering high school;been dealing with work; went to Maine, and brought Amanda's best friend Nora's family with us, which was awesome.

Tonight, Ian and I joined my oldest and dearest friend Sunita (we've been friends since kindegarten) for an evening with Radiohead at Liberty State Park, and it was a religious experience. Despite the weather earlier in the day, the evening was glorious, blue sky, cool breezes. The vibe at the venue was sort of neo-Woodstock, lotta hippie postcollege types, only grievance was the long walk from the train to the venue and uber security. There was a kind of 'corral' for folks drinking, with a bracelet with a five drink limit, and last call was at 830pm, before the main concert, we didn't get there til about 730. Not that i needed five beers per se, but it was just so...controlled. No matter really we had a fantastic time. That night, everything was in its right place.