Sunday, November 27, 2005

Dark Chocolate Graham Crackers

I'm not a diehard Starbucks person, but the one thing they have that is delicious is their dark-chocolate covered graham crackers. OOOh boy, are they heavenly!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Time Is Blowin' On By

These past couple of weeks have been like wolfing down a gourmet meal. This fall flew by so fast, I've hardly had the time to enjoy it. The foliage is already starting to dry up and fall off the trees. It's the middle of November! I had a great day with Amanda in Soho last week, though, won't forget that.

One other great thing happened-the landlord got us a new new stove and fridge,thank the Lord! Needed 'em real bad.

One of my pt jobs is up this week, back to hustling freelance, have to turn around some stuff for the Daily News in a few days' time, but I'll get it done. Hope to still help with organizing the school's Christmas party, the kiddies love it!

Just downloaded the new Madonna cd off iTunes, you get the video and digital artwork. love it. Photoshop admittedly makes Madonna look pretty smokin, b----! Great dance tunes, pretty solid all the way through. Love "Jump," "How High," "Let It Will Be," "Hung Up," natch...the "I Love NY" song is kind of cheesy...the album's music makes me think about roller skating and dancing.

GG chat -So, Luke scared me a little with that jealousy streak-I've never seen that before! It seems so unlike him... I think it's kind of cool that he has a really bright daughter, just, what a hell of a way to find out! Loved the scene with Emily and Lorelai on the plane-Kelly Bishop is fantastic. The Rory and Lorelai scene was nice, but seemed eclipsed by all the other stuff going on in the episode, but, yay, she's going back to Yale!

I think I'm going to make myself a "Faux Poes Foes" tshirt online.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Drunk Moose Attack Elderly Home

Have a read on the 1010 WINS site "You Can't Make this Stuff Up" section about a moose and its calf getting drunk from eating apples outside an elderly home in southern Sweden, I can only imagine the view.

Random 1

Has anyone been watching this new show on the A&E channel? There's only been two so far, but it's definitely caught my interest. There are two friends on the road that try to help random people-money is not given, anything given must be donated. On the first episode, they managed to get a guy a $20k prosthetic leg, which I thought was pretty great. I like the show's premise and its unpredictability.

&*!@#$% Damn DVR!

I had dvr'd GG because my daughter had basketball practice last night, and my dvr cut off just as the teaser for next week's episode began! Time Warner, you've mastered digital polling, but can you not extend the playing time of a show to allocate for teasers? Aaargh.

Hated the first half of GG last night, loved the second. Who gives a flying .... what color Lorelai paints the house? I mean really. I realize she's burying herself in busy tasks and avoiding the real issues at hand, and questioned her own abilities as a mother, which I well, question too. I guess all moms do that. Call me horrible, but I could really give 2 cents about Paul Anka. Yes, pets are sweet, they are not PEOPLE. Never will be.

The scenes with Rory and Jess were great-refreshing, honest, the best part of the show. I was so proud of him that he wrote and published a book! You can tell they've got great chemistry, hence their real-life long-term relationship. Even Rory's scenes with Logan, while I abhored his conduct, the acting was good.

It's all got me thinking about how I'd handle the possibility of if Amanda wanted to take time off in college? Right now, I know Ian and I would seriously put our foot down about it and urge her to stay on track..but at that point, she'd be an adult...Ian left college to raise Amanda...sigh. It's hard to think about it all.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

I swear she said this

"I wanna be fluorescent in French."
-My daughter while she and I rode the train into Manhattan today.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Love Letter To My Heart

-By Linda Sheridan

You sit so close now,
Practically head to head with me
I’m in awe of you
Your beauty, your spirit, your wit.
These days are going so fast.
I want to make lists, make plans
And yet just sit here, with you,
To smell your baby-like breath
And remain frozen in time.
How I dreamed of this moment years ago,
Now dreaming of you-years ago.
Can’t decide which is better,
Because they’re both sacred times to me.
I love how you gulp my coffee
And think the songs ‘Cars’ is cool.
I love how you breeze across the court and shoot baskets
And your gut-wrenching belly laughs are infectious.
Dear heart, I love you so.