Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I'm a Warcraft Widow

Yes, I confess, I am a Warcraft widow (though my husband fiercely denies this.) Not a bitter one, as is the case for some of the folks at the Yahoo group that has formed. In fact, after going to see the group page tonight, it has now evolved into a full-fledged web site, www.gamerwidow.com. Instead I will just quietly unwind here. I have several other friends that are also WOW widows.
My husband and I have been married nearly 12 years and have a beautiful 11 year old daughter. When he's not playing, we've been known to have fun, enjoy our family, friends, the nightlife, and travel. But these days, those times seem far and few in between, partly because the money's tight, and partly because of WOW. He LOOVES Warcraft, and loves to randomly swear at his computer screen when things don't go as planned. His site is www.savagevines.com/flexbar, if you would like to learn more about his guild, Dasypygal (which means hairy-assed in old English, if you must know), or about the Flexbar tools he's created to help players customize their interface.

Hot as Hades, Broke, and Frozen In My Thoughts

Tonight, in New York, I sat in my living room drowning in sweat, as I cannot use my AC there, or else it flips our fusebox. The temperatures have hovered near 100 degrees for the past several days.
My thoughts are flying in so many directions-to write, to travel, to do something new. That said, my financial situation has not been the best of late, being a struggling writer and all, and thus I'm frozen in my thoughts. Family has helped out tremendously in this department, but how I wish to return to the days of complete financial independence, as I was accustomed to la dolce vita back in 2002. Gone are the days of shopping in Soho. Now it's back to a diet of Raman noodles, mac 'n cheese, and burritos. Where's my J.K. Rowling inspiration for fortune?

Monday, July 04, 2005

What is it for?

What is that little piece of tissue paper in wedding invitations for, anyway? It's just one of those little questions of everyday life I ponder...