Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Girls' Investment Club

Hey All,

I was watching The View this morning, and thought these guys had a great concept,

It's a pool of women that invest $50 each a month, and 4x a year (to accrue a chunk of cash to invest) they buy/sell stocks.

What do you think? Maybe we could start something like that, doesn't seem too painful on the pocketbook, could be fun and profitable for us all (as an aside to all our own personal 401K stuff). We'd need to so some research. Let me know if there's interest.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Highlights of our Lives

I was watching the series finale of Gilmore Girls tonight, where Rory got to meet her idol, Christiane Amanpour. This was a wonderful episode through and through, tying up the ends, and rather than an overly written script, let crucial moments shine with few or no words, like Lorelai by Rory's bedside the night before she leaves to report on Obama's campaign trail. Or the loving exchange between Rory and her best friend Lane, or the moment when Lorelai realizes all Luke did to help make Rory's bon voyage party come to fruition.

Then, something better happened. I went online and found out one of my good buddies from college is now a doctor. I still can't believe it. I was explaining the final process to Amanda, how Chris gave a dissertation, was questioned for an hour, then was asked to leave the room for a bit, and when he went back inside, his peers gave him the title of Dr. What a wondrous moment.

Thank God for these times. Even though they are not mine, I certainly can share in the thrill of accomplishment for another, real or virtual, as'my Rory' has grown up. I have moments like this with Amanda all the time, when she writes a great paper (she now wants to be an author), makes a wicked lay up, or does a kind deed, like treating a friend who is being shunned by others in her class as a friend, because she has some seriously scary issues at her door. I'm trying to figure out what might happen when the girl comes over on Friday. I hope to find the right words, or right way to be. If I do, that'll make my day, and hopefully hers.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

GG Fest?

Amanda was suggesting we get a group of us to do a GG Marathon one day, what do you think? We'd have to pick our faves of each season to condense...

GG Blues

"It can't be ending!"
That was Amanda as she and I curled up on the couch in sandwich fashion to watch tonight's episode, on edge when we saw Logan go to propose...I can't believe I've watched Rory graduate high school and college, I was just as teary eyed when her grandparents sang to her, or when Paris hugged her on graduation day. Tonight's episode was great, dammit!

Monday, May 07, 2007

GG Going!

I just read in the Post today that GG's series finale is May 15! Contracts hadn't been going well with the girls, I think they're relieved that it's going to end, although now I'm dying to see how it's going to all wind up, and feel a little bit sad that one more thing I've enjoyed with my kid (and my friends) is going to end.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

GG Back in Fine Form

I have to say I thought this week's episode was one of the best I'd seen in a while. I was sort of dreading it at first because I'm against the whole Logan proposal thing, but that was just a small part of it. I love that Rory's finally facing some realistic hardships as school comes to an end; I really want her to strike out on her own, as our present day version of Mary Tyler Moore. I know Logan is trying so hard, but...clearly Lorelai seems freaked out. But the other story lines with Lane and Zach and the chemistry that is still there between Lorelai and Luke...I got a little queasy when I heard what she was singing at karaoke, I just knew he was going to walk in!