Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Sebastian Bach Gets the Best GG Line of the Night

Sebastian Bach had the best retort of the evening to Zach. "You're way deep in my bogus bag and it's ziplocked shut." Brilliant!

Good show tonight, although I'm sorry to say, the Zach/Lane proposal thing doesn't feel right at all. I was so hurt at how the whole gig for the record label combusted, it was Lane's dream for years shattered in a second. Lane looks so miserable, like she's settling. The poor girl needs....Joel? The guy worked so painfully hard to work his way not only into Lane's heart, but her mother's, too.

Loved the chemistry/frankness between Lorelai and Chris on his inability to say no to Gigi. It was really an uncomfortable, necessary moment that Chris even admitted, made him finally realize how it feels to be holding the bag when the other parent fails and bails. And I must say Lorelai and Chris are looking even more simpatico these days.

Man, watching Rory, I'm not even her mom and I feel wow, she's grown up a lot since the beginning of the show, she's so sophisticated and confident. I can only imagine her disgust at finding out about Logan's indiscretions with his sister's friends. And I was briefly frightened by that oh-so-predictable come on by Doyle. Thank God that ended there!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Watching the Tube Doesn't Make Me a Complete Boob

I'm going to go out on a limb and sound very 1950s, but I have to say that, despite the amalgam of bad television shows on the air, (of which I have often given my two-cent critique), some televised programming has brought our family joy. Like tonight, my daughter and I were laughing hysterically while watching "Whose Line Is It, Anyway?" that just felt soo good. I also think about our mother-daughter time watching "Gilmore Girls," or lying in bed crying over a wedding/heart attack double episode of "Roseanne," snuggling with Ian on the couch to watch "Six Feet Under," watching doctors work miracles on the Discovery channel, or checking out late night videos. They are small, fleeting moments, yes, but I cherish them just the same.

Morrissey Serenades the FBI

Sweetness, sweetness I was only joking when I said that I thought Bush was a terrorist... (FYI folks, I'm making this lyric up, as a take off on Smiths' "Big Mouth Strikes Again.")

Whether you agree with his politics or not, Morrissey's a bloody musician who simply made an offhand comment, that's all...no need to get the FBI on his case.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Measure for Pleasure

Last night Ian and I went to see a preview of the new Off-Broadway show, "Measure for Pleasure," a sex farce/romantic comedy of mistaken identities set in the 1700s, that's playing at the Public Theater. It stars Scotsman Euan Morton ("Taboo") as transvestite hooker Molly Tawdry. One of her johns, Will Blunt, gets her off the streets by getting her a job as a chambermaid. Morton is equally charismatic as a girl as well as a guy, and Michael Stuhlbarg's portrayal of Will Blunt, is wickedly funny and fragile. The dialogue flies fast and furious, and sometimes it's raunchy, but it's a sweet story in the end.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Introducing Dave Paul, aka Ru Chappelle

Now that you're back from Africa Dave, you'd better WORK!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Check out Thesuperficial.com

This blog is bloody hilarious, and the comments are just as entertaining.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Beck Breaks Away

I just watched Breaking Away, and I'm convinced Beck got an early start in showbiz starring in that film, as the main character Dave (I'm a Cutter, baby...). We are also treated to a very young, cute Dennis Quaid in shorts as a bonus!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Parental Control

Have you seen this show? I just saw it for the first time today on MTV. The parents don't like their daughter's boyfriend, so they set her up on two blind dates and the bf has to sit and watch the dates with the parents! Hoo hoo, time to get in the hot seat! It's kind of fun to watch the guys squirm.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Time for toast

This looks funny, Jack Black's new flick, Nacho Libre.


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

How's the Media Holding Up?

Ok, what's up with everyone wearing corsets at the Grammys?

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Millions of Mindless Morons

Ok, first, I've changed my blog name. After deciding that I had to blog tonight and why, I felt it was appropriate. I realize my old blog name has nothing to do with the other (I eat one while I watch the other.) I'll probably get a completely new blog, but I don't want to have to go through the gruntwork right now of transferring everything, so I'll keep it this way for now.

And now for my rant. I'm frightened frankly, at the heavy-handed attention given to Oprah (and others, but Oprah comes first, because she's so special!)for being "lied-to," let down, disappointed, however you want to put it, about James Frey's book, "A Million Little Pieces." I will state right here that I have not read the book. However, I don't have to have read the book to know that this man does not owe me or anyone else, a damn thing. He wrote a bestseller to make money, for himself. He was his own subject matter, he wasn't covering someone else's story. Maybe he lied. But he owes NO ONE anything, except maybe his landlord and his own conscience if hasn't told the truth.

This is an age-old peeve of mine that grows stronger with each case, each year. There have been so many times where a person blames the media for impacting their life in some way (a negative way), and then trouble really starts brewing. A kid kills himself supposedly for listening to a Judas Priest song, so it's the band's fault. A woman spills hot coffee on herself, she sues. When Kurt Cobain killed himself, MTV thought others might do the same, so they created a support hotline. When Britney Spears tarts herself up in a video, parents bitch that she owes her audience. When kids watch certain video games, they're liable to re-enact those behaviors in their own lives, so the games must be pulled.

How fucking weak are you? You owe it to yourself to breathe, to have a brain and a heart.

You know who owes who something?
Spouses owe each other love and to play on the same team.
A parent owes a child to be there for him or her, always, to give them unconditional love, to have a clue of what's going on in their kid's lives.
Friends, like spouses owe their friends to be there for each other.
An employer owes an employee their paycheck.
We all owe each other common courtesy, the right to speak our mind.

I'm trying to think of situations other than those with monetary exchanges where someone can owe another something, and I'm falling short.