Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring 2009 Reading, Watching, Listening Update

Read "The Reader" by German lawyer and judge Bernhard Schlink, in about a day's time. While beautifully written, I was disappointed with the story's 'twist', which seemed in the end somewhere between 'twisted' & or stupid. I had guessed fairly early in the book this aspect, but I didn't think it was the main part of the story. I won't give it away here. Still debating whether to watch the film, although I love Kate Winslet.

Started Mirielle Guiliano's "French Women for All Seasons: A Year of Secrets, Recipes and Pleasure," which offers some simple, yet sage advice that is slowly melting into my psyche about how to further streamline my daily eating/living habits, to maximize my health and pleasure. How can anyone go wrong with that?

Also started the third 'Twilight' book, "Eclipsed". I enjoyed the first part of the second book, "New Moon" that explores Bella's relationship with Edward's family and Jacob, her other close friend that is also a werewolf. The stories, while perhaps simple and straightforward, still fuse together lots of issues as a parent of a teen I can relate to, regarding change, love, family, separation.

On the tube: I'm liking a new show, The Unusuals, kind of like a darker, hourlong version of "Scrubs" in a police precinct setting. Great cast, Amber Tamblyn, Harold Perrineau ("Lost"), Adam Goldberg, and Jeremy Renner. Peculiar plots and I love that it's set in downtown Manhattan, with bits scattered in Queens. Each character has their own 'secret.' The writers/producers are pretty vocal on their Facebook page, if you want to check it out.

New York Noise on NYC 25 can often be a case of hit or miss, but seeing how MTV and VH1 show little or no music during their primetime hours, might be worth a look/listen. They show videos of local talent (ex. Vampire Weekend) as well as folks across the pond, and there have been a few gems found along the way. Thanks to DVR, you can fast forward through the crappier songs. Sometimes they have children or elderly persons critique the videos, which is quite hilarious.

Neko Case. If you like the sounds of red-headed women wailing out somewhere in Grand Canyon, with guitars, have a listen. I'd heard a song of hers, "Deep Red Bells" regularly on Radio Paradise and took notice. It's on one of her older albums, "Blacklisted." She recently had a concert broadcast on NPR.

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